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Why Teeth Straightening Matters August 27, 2019

Anderosa, Colorado Springs
Why Teeth Straightening Matters, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Your smile is one of the first aspects people notice about you. If you’re self-conscious about a gap or misalignment, ask your dentist about teeth straightening options. More than being just a cosmetic change, the guide below lists some of the benefits of a more even bite.

3 Reasons to Embrace Teeth Straightening

1. Positive Mindset

People who aren’t proud of their teeth tend to smile and laugh less. When they do, it’s often behind their hand. However, this is counterproductive in many ways. Studies show that the act of smiling spurs the production of chemicals in the brain that make us happier and more relaxed. Therefore, teeth straightening might not only improve your confidence but also your mood.

2. Simpler Oral Hygiene Routine

teeth straighteningFood particles and the bacteria they attract find it easier to stay hidden in crevices between crooked or overcrowded teeth, leading to a greater risk of cavities and periodontal disease. Once your teeth are in a straight row, brushing and flossing are simplified for overall better health. 

3. Healthy Bite

Most importantly, teeth straightening can correct issues regarding your bite or how your upper and lower jaw meet, making it easier to talk and chew. Better still, you won’t have to worry about TMJ, jaw misalignment, uneven wear and tear on teeth and teeth enamel, or chips or damage from protruding teeth if you sustain a mouth trauma. 


Are you looking for a family dentist that provides both preventative treatment and cosmetic dentistry procedures like teeth straightening? Turn to Peter A. McIntyre, DDS, PC of Colorado Springs, CO. This state-of-the-art dental practice has been serving area residents for more than three decades, striving to treat every patient with the respect and individualized care they deserve. They offer clear correct teeth alignment services for adults who want to avoid the clunky look of braces. Learn more about their offerings on their website. Call (719) 475-2511 to schedule an appointment.