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3 Ways Businesses Benefit from Having a Backup Generator August 30, 2019

Gateway, Dayton
3 Ways Businesses Benefit from Having a Backup Generator, Dayton, Ohio

If your business does not currently have a backup generator, it’s an investment worth making. Businesses with generators reap benefits that outweigh the expense. Learn how you can use one to protect the future of your organization.

3 Benefits of Commercial Backup Generators

1. Uninterrupted Operations

When you have a power outage, you never know how long it will last. Without electricity, lights, and computers, operations at most businesses will come to a grinding halt. One report found that IT downtime costs businesses $1.55 million, or 545 hours of staff productivity, per year. Backup generators kick on in a matter of seconds, so your business can keep running and earning as usual.

2. Protected Equipment & Data

generatorsIf a power surge accompanies an outage, as they often do, your electrical equipment and machinery may be permanently damaged and require costly replacements. Employees will also likely lose unsaved data and hours of intricate work when you unexpectedly lose power.

3. Better Security

A business that loses its security system owing to a power outage may be victimized by theft and vandalism. A backup generator will keep your security system’s lights, cameras, and motion detectors on, keeping you, your employees, and customers safe. If your business is prepared for a blackout with a backup generator that keeps your security system on, the risks to your business are lower, and your insurance rates are likely to be lower, too. 


Leave the installation of backup generators to a licensed electrical contractor. The Dayton, OH, experts at Bonham Electric, Inc. have been in the business since 1959 and know how to install generators flawlessly and reliably. They will also equip your business with green solutions and electrical panel upgrades to save you money. See their list of services online, or call (937) 233-7662 for a free estimate.

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