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4 Tips for Eating Spicy Wings September 25, 2019

Fort Greene, Brooklyn
4 Tips for Eating Spicy Wings, Brooklyn, New York

As much as you may love hot wings, the added spice can leave your mouth feeling a little raw. This is due to capsaicin, a chili pepper compound that goes directly to your bloodstream. Once in the blood, the compound triggers sweating and other actions designed to cool your body. If your last wing experience left your mouth extra hot, use these tips below to manage the burn.

4 Tips For Staying Cool While Eating Hot Wings

1. Drink An Ice-Cold Beverage

Drink ice-cold water before you start eating hot wings to numb your mouth partially. Keep a cold beverage within reach as you enjoy your meal, such as milk. The dairy beverage contains casein, a protein that breaks down the fat-soluble capsaicin better than water-soluble drinks, such as water and juice. Keep in mind that only animal-based milk has casein.

2. Have a Snack Before 

Coat your stomach with bland food prior to consuming your spicy dish. Bread and cheese provide a barrier that prevents painful stomach problems, as do foods that are digested slowly. Smart picks include oatmeal and other fiber-rich options.

3. Eat Slowly

wingsDon’t scarf down your wings, since the quicker you eat, the faster capsaicin enters your bloodstream. Chew your food slowly and take breaks to prevent “mouth fires,” especially if you are not used to consuming spicy foods. Start with milder wings and gradually increase your tolerance to avoid shocking your system.

4. Consume Food With Texture

Eat crackers, rice, or other texture-rich foods as you enjoy the wings to distract your taste buds. When the senses have something other than heat to work with, the burn won’t be as strong. Bread, pasta, chips, rice, and other crunchy starches also create a barrier between your mouth and the spicy compound. 


Treat yourself to the hot wings at Buffalo Wild Wings while keeping these “fire safety” tips in mind. The American food restaurant and sports bar have locations across the country, including 19 establishments in New York and Connecticut. Call (718) 544-9453 today to contact the Forest Hills, NY, location or visit the website for menu information. Get the latest sports bar news on Facebook