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Family Member or Friend Locked Up? Call Bob Shropshire Sons For Bail September 3, 2015

Central Business District, Cincinnati
Family Member or Friend Locked Up? Call Bob Shropshire Sons For Bail, Cincinnati, Ohio

When a close friend or family member has a run-in with the law, it can be extremely stressful. Having a loved one locked up can be especially tough if you don’t know what steps you need to take to get them out quickly. At Bob Shropshire Sons in Cincinnati, OH, it’s our goal to help you get your incarcerated friend or family member home safe and sound as soon as possible.

Bob Shropshire Sons are licensed bail bondsmen with the capability to secure a bail bond for anyone who is eligible for release under a bail bondsman. All they require is a cosigner to be present to secure the bond, ensuring that the incarcerated individual appears in court when they’re required to. The cost for their services is typically up to 10% of the bail bond as well as any court fees that are necessary.


If your friend or family member was arrested behind the wheel, there are certain steps they can take to ensure they’re back on the road again in no time. If they want to remove points from their driver’s license, enrolling in a defensive driving program at Bob Shropshire Sons Driving School can help. Participants are granted a two-point credit of driver's license points upon completion of a driver’s safety course. Bob Shropshire Sons can also help you meet all of the requirements to have your license reinstated and quote rates for a financial responsibility bond.

For more information about bail and janitorial service bonds, contact the experts at Bob Shropshire Sons today at (513) 721-3915, or visit them online.

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