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4 Benefits of Installing a UV Water Purification System September 16, 2019

Wappinger, Dutchess
4 Benefits of Installing a UV Water Purification System, Wappinger, New York

Imagine drinking a delicious and refreshing glass of water that’s free of impurities and safely filtered via a light-powered system. That’s the basic premise behind a UV water purification system. By installing one, your home will have convenient access to bacteria- and chemical-free water. If you need a water filtration system, here’s why you should install a UV-powered option.

Why You Should Install a UV Water Purification System

1. Removes Contaminants

A UV-lamp contains a special component that allows rays to pass through to destroy contaminants in the water, including bacteria that can cause salmonella, E. coli, and the flu virus. Unlike traditional purification systems, these don’t use chemicals, such as chlorine, to clean the water. 

2. Protects the Environment

water purificationBecause a UV water purification system doesn’t use any chemicals, there aren’t any harmful bio-products released into the environment. Also, water is conserved as it goes through the purification process. Some systems may end up wasting chlorine-tainted water, letting it seep into the ground and waterways. 

3. Requires Little Maintenance

After the installation, there will be little upkeep. You’ll need an annual service visit to ensure the components are working properly. During this inspection, the technician will check to see if the UV lamp and its sleeve needs replacing. 

4. Provides Cost Benefits

With little to no maintenance required, you won’t need to buy expensive products and parts to keep your system running. The system is efficient, so it won’t increase your monthly water bills. Plus, it doesn’t require much energy (about as much as a traditional light bulb), keeping money in your wallet.  


For more than 30 years, The Water Source in Dutchess County, NY, has provided homeowners throughout Hudson Valley with state-of-the-art UV water purification systems. The firm has earned a stellar reputation for having highly rated and efficient products and top-notch customer service. If you’re seeking a safe, chemical-free, and economical water treatment alternative, call (845) 297-1600 for a consultation. Get additional information online.  

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