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7 Food Wastes to Never Throw Down Your Garbage Disposal August 27, 2019

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7 Food Wastes to Never Throw Down Your Garbage Disposal, Lincoln, Nebraska

Your garbage disposal compacts most food items, but there are certain wastes you should never throw down the sink. These foods get trapped in your appliance and wreak havoc on the internal system. To avoid a clogged drain and damaged garbage disposal, below is a list of food wastes to never put down your kitchen sink.

What You Shouldn't Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

1. Coffee Grounds

You might believe coffee grounds can go into the garbage disposal, but doing so could lead to a clogged drain. Coffee grounds clump together when wet, and it'll cause build-up in your drain when they get packed inside a pipe. 

2. Meat Bones

Bones from your chicken wings and other meats are hard substances, and your garbage disposal can't properly break this food item down. You risk dulling your unit's blades and blocking the pipelines.

3. Fruit Pits

Your garbage disposal isn't capable of breaking down hard pits from peaches and avocados. The blades in your unit won't grind these food items, and you'll end up degrading your appliance trying to do so.

4. Pasta

clogged drainPasta expands in water, and it'll cause a clogged drain if you dump them in the garbage disposal. Your spaghetti soaks in water even after it's fully cooked. It enlarges and fills up in your unit, leading to expensive hardware repairs.

5. Nuts

When you chop peanuts, it becomes a sticky material like peanut butter. If your garbage disposal blades come into contact with these nuts, it will stick to everything inside your appliance. Avoid this mess by minimizing nuts from falling into your kitchen sink.

6. Grease

Grease, oil, and fat will clog your drains. Pouring hot grease in the sink will cause it to accumulate and solidify inside your garbage disposal. Other debris will attach onto the grease and block your drainage.

7. Potato Peels

Potato peels and other starchy foods pass through the disposer and get stuck in your pipes. It collects other debris while it's trapped in there, clogging your drains. A few peels won't damage your pipes, but it's best to dispose of it in your garbage can.


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