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Top 5 Essential ACT Math Study Tips August 27, 2019

Vinings, Cobb
Top 5 Essential ACT Math Study Tips, Vinings, Georgia

Studying for the ACT is a no-brainer if your teen wants a great score and an exciting choice of schools. The math portion of the test can be particularly challenging without preparation, which is why many parents give their kids a hand to get ready. Now that the summer is over, it’s time for your teen to get some math help before taking the ACT test during the school year.

Math Help Tips for the ACT 

1. Study a Little Each Night 

If your teen needs some extra math help, have them go over prep questions each night. Spending a little time studying every night will create a healthy, disciplined routine that creates far less stress as test day draws closer. Teens can find free online quizzes geared toward the ACT as the first step in keeping their skills sharp. 

2.Review Errors 

math helpLearning from your own mistakes can be extremely beneficial when strengthening math skills. Once your teen is done taking a practice test, looking at the correct formula versus the mistakes will prove to be a valuable learning tool, helping them remember similar questions once they’re taking the real test. 

3.Create a Distraction-Free Study Zone 

Whether your teen is getting math help from a tutor or studying solely on their own, having a designated quiet area is important. This study zone should include basic school supplies and be located in a calm and inviting space away from distractions like the family room, TV, or their phone. 

4.Master Key Concepts 

Getting math help is important if your teen is having trouble with key concepts in algebra, geometry, or calculus. A tutor is a great solution to help break down the formulas to make them digestible for anyone to understand. The best tutors zero in on specific problem areas and their roots, then formulate a plan to improve.

5. Create a Math Dictionary 

If your teen is having difficulty remembering formulas or when to apply them, encourage them to create a “dictionary” containing their trickiest problems or formulas. Prior to taking a big test like the ACT, your teen can reflect on some past questions that have been challenging and review how their formulas work.


If your teen is studying for a big test like the ACT or SAT and needs some math help, consider Mathnasium of Smyrna. These highly skilled tutors are transforming the way children across Smyrna and Mableton, GA, understand math. Whether your child needs test prep or general math tutoring, the team can accommodate through custom learning plans and specially trained math instructors. To enroll your child or teen, call (770) 436-4949. To learn more about the Mathnasium Method™, visit the website.

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