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4 Color Ideas for Your Living Room That You’ll Love September 3, 2019

Lansdowne Merrick, Lexington-Fayette Central
4 Color Ideas for Your Living Room That You’ll Love, Lexington-Fayette Central, Kentucky

Apartments allow you to have a place to call your own while not breaking your budget. One of the advantages of apartment ownership is the ability to customize them to fit your personality. You might want to especially add some creative flair to your living room, your home’s hub of activity. Adding some color to the walls is an easy and effective way to change your living room. Below are four ideas for living room colors to help make your apartment fit your personality.

Which Colors Are Best for Your Living Room?

1. Neutral Tans & Creams

Neutral tan and cream colors are popular in apartments—and for a good reason. They’re unobtrusive and make the room warm and cozy, perfect for those who crave a relaxing atmosphere after a long day. Plus, their neutrality means that your furniture and décor will likely pair well with this scheme, regardless of the colors. This means you don’t have to worry about buying new décor or furniture covers.

2. Creative Greens

Green spurs creativity and energy, and there is a multitude of shades from which to choose. A vibrant green will create a dramatic and energizing effect in the room,  perfect for apartments with children or if you work from home. Paler greens such as mint will still feel creative and welcoming, but it pairs a little easier with furniture and can exude relaxation.

3. Calming Blues

If you want a refined but casual atmosphere, blue is the color for you. A deep blue such as cobalt pops out lighter-colored furniture while lending the room a serene and peaceful feeling. Lighter blues offer similar relaxing and calming atmospheres and can make the room feel bigger, a bonus in many apartments.

4. Two-Tone Contrast

apartmentsFor an apartment living room that can do it all, think of a two-tone color scheme. For instance, paint the top 3/4ths of the walls one color, while painting the bottom 1/4th another color, perhaps with a border between them. Combinations like deep blue and light green, light blue and soft brown, and purple and chrome add versatility and character. These color schemes show more of your personality and make great talking points when friends visit.


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