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3 Ways to Lower Your Monthly Internet Bill August 23, 2019

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3 Ways to Lower Your Monthly Internet Bill, Ridgeway, South Carolina

If monthly internet costs are starting to mount up, you’re likely exploring ways to get them back down. There are a number of ways you can reduce your monthly bills that only require paying attention and making a few adjustments. Here’s how to lower your cable internet service costs.

How to Reduce Your Internet Bills

1. Bundle Services

Many telecom companies offer convenient bundles to customers, so take advantage of cable internet packages. If you’re using a third-party or satellite cable service, ask yourself how many channels you truly watch. Downsize to a cable package through your internet provider to save on both bills.

2. Choose Lower Speeds

cable internetIn many cases, homeowners choose internet speeds they don’t actually need. If you’re single, rarely use the internet, or have a small household, high speeds may be unnecessary. This is especially true if you’re only using one or two devices at a time. Also, check for discounts, promotions, and other deals your telecom provider may be offering for added savings.

3. Switch Providers

Sometimes it’s best to go with a new provider. Many cable internet services will give you a discount for transferring, which can, at times, equate to superior services for less than you were paying before. They may also be willing to add discounted cable phone services to get you to convert. Look into reputable companies in your area and speak with their sales associates to see what deals they offer for switching.


If you’re in South Carolina or Georgia and are looking for a reliable cable internet service, contact TruVista. This telecom provider has served customers since 1897, growing from phone services to cable and internet. They offer convenient bundles to customers and pride themselves on superior customer service and support. Explore their packages on their website, or call (803) 385-2191 to speak with a sales associate. 

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