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4 Common Carpet Stains August 28, 2019

East New York, Brooklyn
4 Common Carpet Stains, Brooklyn, New York

Carpeting feels soft under your feet, provides insulation and noise-dampening benefits, and comes in just about every color, style, and texture. Unlike hardwood, laminate, and vinyl flooring, its susceptibility to stains is high because assorted staining agents are not easily wiped up. Here, learn about the most common carpet stains your local cleaning service will help you get rid of.

4 Carpet Staining Agents

1. Pet Urine

Cats and dogs unfortunately do not always make it to their litter boxes and outdoor areas. Whether the animal is older, ill, or simply left indoors too long, urine creates odorous messes on carpets. The uric acid in cat urine is particularly harmful because it takes up to six years to break down without professional cleaning services. Prompt servicing also removes urine hormones pets use to mark and re-visit these stains.

2. Beverages

cleaning serviceNumerous beverages mar carpets without timely house cleaning services, including dark-colored juices, red wine, and coffee. The possibility of wine staining your carpets increases when you have a party, making it ideal to limit beverage use to certain rooms after your local maid service lifts these stains from your flooring.

3. Bubble Gum

If you have children at home who play on the carpet, there are many potential stains to be aware of, including crayons and bubble gum. The latter product causes the most problems because it attracts dirt and hair while also creating a sticky surface for shoes and bare feet. And since DIY removal can result in carpet fiber damage, get gum and any other sticky staining agent professionally cleaned.

4. Mud & Dirt

Mud and dirt enter your home easily when you don’t have welcome mats in place or the weather is problematic, such as when it’s raining and someone tracks in mud. Cleaning services eliminate dirt from soiled carpeting; however, you may also want to create a no-shoes rule to keep mud and excess bacteria out of your house. 



Schedule carpet cleaning services with the experts at Right Cleaning in Brooklyn, NY, to preserve your flooring and enjoy a cleaner, more attractive home. The maid service uses non-toxic cleaners to clean homes and rental spaces, and offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call (212) 655-7153 to make an appointment or to establish a residential cleaning service schedule. 

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