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A Useful Guide for Moving Antiques & Artwork September 9, 2019

Maplewood, Rochester
A Useful Guide for Moving Antiques & Artwork, Rochester, New York

Getting antiques and artwork ready for a move can be a nerve-wracking experience. Without proper precautions, the chance of damage tends to increase and jeopardizes the conditions of each piece.  All it takes is a few extra packing supplies to ensure that your items are perfectly protected. Put your mind at ease about the entire transition by considering the following tips.

3 Moving Tips for Antiques & Artwork

1. Gather Packing Supplies

packing suppliesTake inventory of the packing supplies that are already in the house. Figure out which items require additional cushioning and make a list of the materials that you still need to acquire. Bubble wrap, packing paper, and foam sheets are popular products that movers recommend to prevent accidental bumps along the way. Gather a few extra boxes and packing tape to alleviate the need to squeeze everything close together. Make sure your boxes are the correct size for each piece of art. You do not want a picture or vase to have too much space, as it will slide and possibly break.

2. Avoid Improper Materials

Certain packing supplies can actually increase the risk of damage. The newspapers that seem like a viable substitute for packing paper can transfer ink and stain the item’s surface. Wax paper isn’t thick enough to prevent scratching and packing peanuts can crumble into tiny pieces that get stuck in the crevices. Get an idea of what materials are best by talking with the movers a few weeks ahead of time.

3. Exercise Caution When Packing

Make sure to cover every surface before declaring it ready to load onto the truck. Wrap valuable table or chest legs in foam and use bubble wrap to encase delicate vases, mirrors, and figurines thoroughly. For additional safety, start with a layer of packing paper before securing the sheet of bubble wrap. The extra material will absorb shocks during the transition and keep the item from harm.


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