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3 Tips for Cleaning Out Your College Student's Childhood Bedroom August 20, 2019

North Side, Mount Vernon
3 Tips for Cleaning Out Your College Student's Childhood Bedroom, Mount Vernon, New York

Many parents who just had a child leave the nest find themselves at a loss about what to do with a spare room. Rather than keeping the bedroom as is, you can convert it into a usable space. Consider making it a guest room, a study, or a home office. Here are three home cleaning tips for cleaning out a childhood bedroom.

3 Cleaning Tips for an Old Childhood Bedroom

1. Store Keepsakes

Sentimentality is a major reason why many parents are hesitant to clean out their child’s old room. Something that may help is to pick out your child’s most essential keepsakes and keep them in storage. These items might include award certificates, medals, trophies, a favorite toy or blanket, or works of art that will remind you of their childhood. 

2. Determine Usable Itemshome cleaning

It would be a waste to throw away objects you or your guests could use. Before, throwing anything away pick out things you can make use of around the house. It’s great to keep some extra blankets, old t-shirts, and other small items to reuse. If you are unsure what could be used again, ask a junk removal specialist. 

3. Hire Junk Removal

One way to make home cleaning a lot easier on you is to hire professional junk removal services. They’re experienced in how to properly remove heavy furniture like dressers and beds out of your home. Most service providers also offer curbside bulk trash pickup for your convenience and giving you peace of mind.


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