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4 Simple Steps to Changing a Tub Drain August 30, 2019

Long Island City, Queens
4 Simple Steps to Changing a Tub Drain, Queens, New York

Plumbing work can be complicated and risky. However, with some guidance, you can tackle almost any job. For instance, the thought of changing a tub drain might be intimidating, but it isn't difficult. Follow the steps below to get this task done.

4 Steps to Replacing a Bathroom Tub Drain

1. Assemble Tools & Supplies

The first step to any plumbing project is to assemble the necessary equipment. In this case, you’ll need a new drain replacement, drain wrench or drain key, and a tool with which to turn the drain key. For the latter, you could use a pair of channel lock pliers or just a long screwdriver.

2. Remove the Old Drain

plumbingInsert the drain key into the old drain. Next, slip the screwdriver through the openings at the top of the drain key or grip the barrel of the drain key with channel lock pliers. Applying firm, steady downward pressure with one hand, turn the drain key counterclockwise with the other hand to loosen the old drain. Continue turning it until it unscrews completely and you can remove the drain pipe from the hole in the tub.

3.  Clean the Area & Apply Putty

Once you've removed the old drain pipe, you must prepare the area to receive the new one. Clean around the hole to remove mildew, soap scum, and other residue. Then, roll the putty between your fingers to form a snake shape that’s the circumference of the drain hole. Apply plumber's putty in a circle around the hole.

4. Seat the New Drain Pipe

Insert the new drain pipe into the hole and press it down upon the putty. Using the drain key, tighten it into place using constant pressure. Remove any excess putty. Finally, discard the rubber gasket that came with the drain pipe, as the putty will seal the drain properly.


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