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How to Mix & Match Kitchen Cabinet Styles September 9, 2019

Newington, Hartford County
How to Mix & Match Kitchen Cabinet Styles, Newington, Connecticut

Updating your kitchen cabinets is a simple and affordable way to revamp the look of your home. Rather than going for uniform colors and styles, you might want to mix and match your cabinetry to make a bold statement. When you’re doing this, there are a few ways to keep the look cohesive and elegant. To help you successfully create an interesting and eclectic design, here’s a guide for mixing cabinet finishes.

Your Guide to Mixing & Matching Kitchen Cabinets 

Group Like Styles Together

Varying cabinet styles will make your kitchen look more exciting, but group them together so the space doesn’t appear confusing or busy. For instance, you’ll achieve a more consistent look if you select glass fronts for all of your overhead cabinets and a shaker style for your under-counter units. Try playing with both classic and contemporary styles to make your kitchen feel charming and sophisticated. 

Create Contrast With Your Island

kitchen cabinetsUse the cabinets beneath your kitchen island as a focal point of the area. If the rest of your cabinetry is simple and understated, install a contemporary island and paint it a different, bold color to create a contrasting effect. This will bring drama to the room in an elegant way.

Use Two or Three Elements 

When it comes to mixing and matching your kitchen cabinets, stick with two or three different elements. Doing more than that may make the room seem crowded. For example, you could choose slab cabinets for the entire space but paint the top ones a lighter color. In addition to giving them aesthetic variation, the lighter color will draw the eyes upward and open up the space. 


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