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When a Ride-Share Passenger Gets Hurt, Who Covers the Damages? January 28, 2020

New City, Rockland County
When a Ride-Share Passenger Gets Hurt, Who Covers the Damages?, New City, New York

If you were hurt in an auto wreck while using a ride-share service like Uber® or Lyftr®, you may be wondering who’s financially liable. Since every accident scenario is unique, it’s wise to discuss the situation with a personal injury attorney before filing any kind of claim. Generally speaking, though, one of these parties’ insurers will likely cover the damages. Here’s what you need to know.  

The Ride-Share Company

As convenient and affordable as ride-sharing is, it had one major logistical issue in its early days: virtually all personal auto insurance policies exclude coverage when the vehicle is being used for business purposes. To resolve this problem, companies like Uber and Lyft offered their drivers special coverage while transporting passengers for a fare. These policies compensate passengers for personal injury claims in the event of a covered accident for which the ride-share driver is deemed liable. 

Another Motorist  

personal injuryIf another motorist was at fault for the accident that left you injured, you may be able to file a third-party claim with their insurer. Under New York state law, motorists are required to purchase a minimum amount of auto liability insurance. If the at-fault driver’s coverage is not enough to compensate you for all the resulting damages—or they don’t have any coverage at all—you may be able to file a claim under the ride-share company's uninsured/underinsured policy. In order to recover a payout, though, you’ll have to demonstrate how you exhausted all other options first. 


If you were hurt while using a ride-share service, turn to the personal injury lawyers at Neimark & Neimark. Located in New City, NY, and serving Rockland and Orange counties, this firm is backed by more than four decades of experience and has recovered millions of dollars in successful verdicts and settlements. By limiting their scope of practice to personal injury law, they’re equipped to go up against even the largest insurers. To request a consultation with a member of their team, reach out on their website or call (888) 725-7424. 

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