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What Causes Tree Leaves to Turn Brown? August 19, 2019

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What Causes Tree Leaves to Turn Brown?, Jessup, Maryland

For many types of plants, it’s often easy to notice signs of damage—wilting, fallen leaves, or a lack of blossoming flowers. However, assessing tree damage might be a little more difficult to decipher, except in the case of brown leaves. But does this mean your tree is dying? Take a look at what brown leaves signal for your tree and how you can keep your landscaping healthy. 

3 Reasons Your Tree Leaves May Be Turning Brown

1. Soil Problems

When assessing tree damage and brown leaves, first look to the soil. There may be a bacterial issue caused by poor soil conditions or excess water in the soil. When the soil is soggy, the roots can’t obtain new oxygen to grow stronger. Make sure you don’t over-fertilize the soil, as too many nutrients can damage the roots.

2. Transplant Shock    

landscapingIf a tree has been transferred to a new location, it can go through a period of adjustment referred to as transplant shock. The tree experiences stress as it attempts to establish a new root system. It occurs because the root system hasn’t had the chance to adjust to new soil moisture, amounts of fertilizer, and light conditions. But keep in mind this will happen even if you’re careful about the move, so be patient and allow your tree time to readjust. 

3. Leaf Scorching

Otherwise known as too much exposure to the sun, leaf scorching occurs when there’s a deficit of nutrients, soil compaction, or a drought. But with proper care, the leaves can recover. Don’t neglect landscaping maintenance in the winter. Provide a deep soak to the tree once a month during the winter to keep the roots from atrophying due to dehydration. 


If you’re not sure why your tree leaves are turning brown, turn to the landscaping experts at Columbia Tree & Lawn Service, a licensed and bonded company in Maryland. Locally owned and operated, they’ve served throughout the state since 1971, providing 24-hour emergency services for tree removal, as well as storm damage and vegetation removal. Their goal is to not only keep your landscape beautiful but also healthy. Give them a call at (410) 740-5444 for a free estimate, or check out their website to learn more about the landscaping services they offer. 

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