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How Do Air Conditioners Work? August 23, 2019

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How Do Air Conditioners Work?, Perry, Ohio

Air conditioning systems keep you and your home cool when temperatures are on the rise. While you may rely on your unit every summer, you may not know how the equipment functions. Here’s an overview of a unit’s inner workings to give you a better understanding.

A Brief Guide to How Air Conditioning Units Operate

Key Components

Air conditioning units use special chemical compounds — coolant — to convert gas to liquid and then back again. These compounds are also responsible for moving heat from the air inside and pushing it outside.

Inside your home is the evaporator. The outside units include the compressor and the condenser. The cooling liquid hits the compressor as a low-pressure gas, and just as the name suggests, the compressor compresses the molecules together to increase the energy and temperature. The refrigerant then leaves the compressor as a high-pressure gas and heads to the condenser, which filters the heat out through a fan and changes the gas back to a cool liquid. The liquid then makes its way to the evaporator inside. The process of changing gas to liquid cycles over and over as you use the equipment.

air conditioningCooling Process

Whether you have a window unit, an HVAC system, or a ductless installation, the cooling process is relatively similar. Heat is removed from the air and sent outside, while coolant chills air over evaporator coils before sending it inside.

Window units and ductless systems blow air into the room through built-in vents and fans. For central air systems, the cooled air travels through ducts and out of vents in each room by way of an air handler. This part ensures the cooled air circulates throughout the system, while hot air ejects out of the fins of the exterior unit.


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