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What to Eat to Improve Your Skin September 5, 2019

Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan
What to Eat to Improve Your Skin, Manhattan, New York

The food you eat is central to your overall health, including the health of your skin. Even with the best skin care routine and regular facials at a day spa, it can be tricky to keep this part of your body in good shape if you don’t eat well. This guide will break down some of the ways that food can impact the skin and how to eat to improve your complexion. 

A Guide to Diet & Your Skin

What Foods Can Create Skin Issues?

Since genetics have a significant role in skin appearance, some people will be more sensitive to certain foods than others. However, there are some common foods that experts warn against. Specifically, foods with a high glycemic index can trigger breakouts. This is because foods like sweets and white bread change the texture of the oil on your skin, causing it to clog your pores more easily. While you can scrub away the acne and get treatments at a day spa, it’s important to avoid these types of foods to protect your skin.   

day spaResearch has also linked sugary foods to premature aging. This happens due to a process called glycation, which is when sugar molecules damage connective tissue, cause inflammation, and hinder collagen production.

What Foods Are Best for the Skin?

While trips to the day spa will protect your skin, it’s also important to incorporate healthy eating into your routine. In general, a diet full of vegetables, fruits, proteins, and healthy fats will nourish the body and skin. To keep your skin moisturized and smooth, eat foods like fatty fish, avocados, and nuts.

Foods like tomatoes, broccoli, and bell peppers will give you vitamins A and C, which help with collagen production. The antioxidants in berries, dark chocolate, and green tea can protect your skin from sun damage and help prevent premature aging. 


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