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3 Reasons to Remove a Diseased Tree August 30, 2019

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3 Reasons to Remove a Diseased Tree, Florence, Kentucky

Sometimes, no matter how much you want to save your tree, a disease can damage it beyond repair. When this happens, call for tree removal services to prevent matters from getting worse. Here are some reasons why you should consider removing a tree affected by a fatal disease.

Why You Should Take Down a Diseased Tree

1. Prevent It From Falling on Your Property

A tree that can’t recover from a disease soon starts to deteriorate. While some species can stand for many years despite suffering from internal decay, structural issues eventually cause it to fall over. This poses a considerable risk to your property, family, and other people. You can be found liable for any medical care and property damage expenses that arise because of a fallen tree. Opt for emergency tree removal services for diseased trees that could fall at any moment.

2. Keep the Disease From Affecting Nearby Greenery

If your tree is dying from a disease, it could also affect neighboring plants. Tree disease can be highly contagious and has the potential to impact your entire yard if you don’t deal with it promptly. For example, the deadly Armillaria tree fungus can cause root and wood rot that goes undiagnosed. Once it spreads to the root system of a tree, the only course of action is to carry out tree removal because the parasitic fungus can quickly transfer to other trees.

3. Replant a New One in Its Place

tree removalWhen tree disease is too advanced, have it safely removed as soon as possible. Doing so protects your family and property and breathes new life into your yard. Among other benefits, a new, healthy tree can boost your curb appeal and improve the air quality around your home. For best results, call in professionals to handle tree removal because the disease can linger in the soil. The experts know the smartest practices to sanitize the area and replant.


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