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How Can a Stroke Affect the Body? August 15, 2019

Andalusia, Covington
How Can a Stroke Affect the Body?, Andalusia, Alabama

When the brain’s blood supply is inhibited to the point that it deprives the tissue of oxygen or nutrients, a stroke is the result. Within minutes of the stroke starting, brain cells can start dying, which inevitably affects the body part or function they control. As such, stroke victims often require physical rehabilitation. While the specific therapies they’ll need will depend on the location and extent of the obstruction, there are some common limitations that many patients experience in the aftermath.

Cognitive Limitations

When a stroke occurs in the left side of the brain, it can cause speech and language problems. Depending on the circumstances, it could also affect the patient’s behavior and personality by making him or her more cautious. Strokes in the right side of the brain, on the other hand, can make a patient more impulsive. They can also cause vision problems. And, strokes of any kind can result in memory loss, which may or may not be permanent.

Physical Limitations

physical rehabilitationFrom incontinence to poor hand-eye coordination, a stroke can affect the body in more than a dozen ways. Some of the most common issues include persistent fatigue, difficulty swallowing, reduced mobility, and impaired sexual function. Thankfully, many patients can overcome these problems through physical rehabilitation. In certain scenarios, though, a stroke can cause permanent damage. When this happens, the patient can adapt to any new limitations with help from professionals like occupational therapists and then go on to thrive.


If you or someone you love is recovering from a stroke, turn to Physical Therapy of Andalusia. Located in Covington County, AL, our practice is staffed with experts who specialize in physical rehabilitation. Backed by decades of experience, we’re proud to provide comprehensive care for those who are recovering from serious injuries, living with chronic back pain, or rehabilitating after a stroke. To schedule a consultation during which we’ll discuss a custom physical rehabilitation program, call (334) 222-5785 or reach out on our website.

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