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4 Benefits of a Gas Line Installation September 16, 2019

Ontario, Wayne
4 Benefits of a Gas Line Installation, Ontario, New York

Many homeowners schedule gas line installations to reap the benefits of using natural gas. This cost-efficient investment can increase your home’s value while delivering a reliable energy source. If you’re unsure whether a gas line installation is worth incorporating into your home renovation update, consider the benefits this investment offers below.

Why a New Gas Line Installation Is Beneficial

1. Efficient

Natural gas is delivered to your home more efficiently than electricity, which means that water heaters and furnaces use less energy to heat your home and water. The direct heat produced by natural gas appliances allows stoves to heat up faster and cook food more evenly than their electric counterparts. Additionally, dryers heat up quicker, cutting laundry time in half.

2. Dependable

gas line installationSince gas stoves don’t rely on electricity, they can still function during a power outage. This makes them more dependable than electric versions. Gas appliances have higher resale values than electric ones due to their energy efficiency and reliability.

3. Cost-Effective

Natural gas produces between 50-60% less carbon dioxide and other pollutants than fuel sources like oil and coal used to power electrical grids. Energy-efficient appliances linked to a natural gas line—such as a stove or dryer—use less power than electricity, saving you money on installation and operation.

4. Long-Lasting

Appliances that use natural gas are more durable than electrical ones. The heating elements used to ignite gas appliances are simpler and won’t break and crack like their electric counterparts. Generally, gas-fueled stoves last 15 years—three years longer—than electric ones, which yields cost-effective results for homeowners who want to preserve their appliances as long as possible. 



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