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4 Essential Beard Grooming Tools & Products September 2, 2019

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4 Essential Beard Grooming Tools & Products, ,

Growing a beard can transform your look, but facial hair requires regular grooming to stay in top shape. If you’ve just started growing out yours, there are a few beard grooming supplies you’ll need to keep in your toolkit. To help you maintain clean, styled, and healthy facial hair, here are a few of the products to get your hands on.

What Products Do You Need for Beard Grooming?

1. Oil

Beard oil is made to help both your facial hair and the skin underneath it. It acts as a conditioner to help prevent follicles from drying out, while also keeping your skin from becoming dry and flaky. This will reduce itchiness and keep your beard lush.

2. Soap

Keeping your beard clean is a must to ensure no trapped debris compromise your look. While regular soap or shampoo is better than nothing, there are products made specifically for coarse beard hair. Using a specialized shampoo or soap ensures that your hair won’t dry out or get too greasy.

3. Comb

beard groomingWhenever you add a product to your beard, you need a quality comb that will distribute it evenly throughout all hairs. Beard combs are different than the ones you use for your head, as they usually have wider prongs designed for coarser strands. To use, simply brush it over your face after applying oil or soap.

4. Balm

Balm, also referred to as wax, is meant to help you style your beard after it’s clean. It holds the hairs in place and keeps unruly flyaways under control. It will also help you create specific shapes for a mustache. For example, if you want to make curls at the ends, use a little balm to hold them in place.


These products will help you keep your beard under control in between professional grooming appointments. The beard grooming experts at A Cut Above in Anchorage, AK, have been styling beards and hair for over 38 years. The experienced team is trained to deal with a variety of men’s hairstyles and types of facial hair. They will serve women and children who come in as well. Visit the hair salon’s website for a full list of services and pricing, or call (907) 276-6884 to schedule an appointment.

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