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3 Signs of Foundation Water Damage August 19, 2019

Kalispell, Flathead
3 Signs of Foundation Water Damage, Kalispell, Montana

On walls and ceilings, water damage can be easy to identify—but big wet spots don’t appear on your foundation if there are leaks. Instead, you have to be vigilant to identify and remediate any damage. Leaks in your foundation weaken your house’s structure, cause bowed walls, and even collapse. Be sure to regularly inspect your foundation and identify signs of water damage, so you can treat the issue and protect your home. 

Warning Signs of Leaks in Your Foundation

1. Cracks in Your Foundation

water damageWater damage causes cracks inside and outside of your home. While the occasional hairline crack in your exterior foundation isn’t concerning, larger horizontal or step-like cracks indicate structural damage. Indoor water damage causes cracks over doorways, windows, or where the wall intersects with your ceiling. 

2. Standing Water in Your Home

Water in your basement or crawlspace one time is likely a plumbing issue, especially if you notice water damage on your ceiling under a bathroom as well. However, perpetual still water or moisture after heavy rain indicates bigger, foundational concern. It means water is seeping through cracks in your foundation, and that water damage can cause mildew, mold, and the collapse of wooden structures.  

3. Saturated Soil Around Your Home

The ground around your house should not be flooded or pooling—especially after days without rain. This is a sign of improper landscaping or drainage and even overflow from malfunctioning gutters. If left unattended, the excess water can penetrate the foundation, causing mold and water damage in your basement. Consult a professional to address the flooding before it becomes a larger issue. 


Don’t hesitate to address water damage in your home or foundation. Contact FloodCo, the disaster relief specialists who serve Flathead Valley and northwest Montana. Their honest and reliable service can help you through emergency water removal, mold remediation, and carpet and hardwood floor drying. Learn more about their water damage repair services online, or call (406) 892-1717 to schedule an appointment today. 

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