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3 Different Ways People Eat Pizza August 30, 2019

Westchester Village, Bronx
3 Different Ways People Eat Pizza, Bronx, New York

Pizza is one of the most popular Italian foods around the world. But just because countless people eat it, doesn’t mean they all eat it the same way. Variety goes beyond just the type of cheese or toppings pizza lovers prefer. Here are a few different ways people eat their pizza. 

Different Ways to Enjoy Pizza

1. Crust First or Toppings First

While the standard way of eating pizza is to start with the point (or one of the non-crust corners, for square pieces), some Italian food lovers like to start with the crust. This is especially popular for stuffed-crust pies. Some pizza enthusiasts also like to pick their toppings off and eat them first. Rather than getting a mix of flavors with each bite, this lets them enjoy the toppings themselves.

2. With a Fork & Knife

italian foodWhile some people enjoy the gooey, stretchy cheese and some grease on their pizza, others are neat eaters. That’s why they use utensils. Eating with a fork and knife is a neater approach, and it ensures the pizza doesn’t fall apart while you’re biting into it. Plus, in Italy, pizzas aren’t cut into slices, so using utensils is a common practice. 

3. Folded Over

Some pizza lovers—especially New Yorkers—love folding their pizza in half. This gives the piece the look and feel of a Calzone or pizza sub. It provides a double-helping of crust with each bite, along with a larger concentration of cheese, sauce, and toppings in the middle. This is a quicker way of eating, and it can provide a more intense burst of flavor with each bite.


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