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3 Beach Safety Tips for Families With Kids August 27, 2019

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3 Beach Safety Tips for Families With Kids, Orange Beach, Alabama

Vacations are all about spending time with family and enjoying the warmth of summer. If you own a home on the beach, are planning to book a vacation rental, or live within driving distance, bringing your kids to the seashore can be stressful if you’re concerned for their safety in the water and under the hot sun. You can leave the stress behind, however, if you observe these three beach-safety tactics.

How to Keep Kids Safe on a Beach Vacation

1. Swim With Caution

If this is your first time staying in a vacation rental on the beach, talk to your children about the rules for safe swimming. Make sure they always swim with a parent or buddy. Even if your children are strong swimmers, remind them that the ocean is different from lakes and pools and that they should never venture into the waves alone.

Vacation renta2. Safeguard Them From the Sun

When packing your bags to enjoy a week in a vacation rental at the shore, don’t forget the sunscreen. One severe sunburn early in life can heighten your child’s risk of developing melanoma later in life. Apply a broad-spectrum waterproof sunscreen periodically throughout the day, following the product’s directions. Sunglasses, umbrellas, tents, and sun-blocking hats and clothing should also be on your packing list.

3. Stay Hydrated

The last thing you want is for one of your children to miss out on fun times because they feel sick from lack of hydration. Have everyone drink plenty of cool water and refreshing juices and drinks throughout the day. Also, to prevent stomach upsets, pack only nonperishable snacks for your family’s stay at the beach.


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