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Disagree With Your Real Estate Assessment? Call Metro Appraisal Associates to Get Appraisals That Are Fair September 9, 2015

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Disagree With Your Real Estate Assessment? Call Metro Appraisal Associates to Get Appraisals That Are Fair, Greece, New York

In the greater Rochester, New York area, Metro Appraisal Associates has been offering its real estate appraisal services to residents since 1974, and they’re known for their objectivity. In addition to offering real estate appraisals, Metro Appraisal Associates offers other appraisal-related services including PMI appraisals, mortgage-financing appraisals, matrimonial appraisals, tax assessment review appraisals, and bankruptcy appraisals.

These experts know that when an appraiser comes to your home to assess your real estate for tax purposes, they will usually side with the municipality. Since you may not like the result if this happens, it is important to do one of two things: challenge your real estate tax assessor or hire an objective and fair appraiser who has your best interest in mind.

Why is it important to challenge your assessor? If the assessment company inflates the value of your residence, you will end up paying more in property tax. An accurate evaluation is essential in making sure that you only pay tax on your property's real value. Be sure the expert is not over-estimating the value of your property.

If you don’t agree with the assessment, call Metro Appraisal Associates right away. Their team knows how to gauge the value of your property properly. They also understand that the real estate market is constantly changing, and they will keep the appraisals relevant to the current market value.

For honest appraisals you can trust, turn to Metro Appraisal Associates. To learn more about their appraisal services, visit Metro Appraisal Associates online, or give them a call at (585) 225-3042 to discuss your property today.

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