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4 Tips for Designing the Perfect Kitchen for Baking January 12, 2020

Red Bank, Red Bank
4 Tips for Designing the Perfect Kitchen for Baking, Red Bank, New Jersey

If you love to bake, having a custom kitchen designed around your passion can feel like a dream come true. Designing your own kitchen gives you the chance to choose custom countertops and even select the best lighting for your favorite activity. Below are a few tips for designing a kitchen for master bakers.

How to Design a Kitchen for Baking

1. Decide on a Custom Countertop Height

Kneading dough can be easier if your countertops are a little lower, but having higher spaces can make icing cookies and cakes much easier. Do you prefer to sit while mixing, and do your children like to help? Having different custom countertop heights will give you the perfect space for each phase of a project and make even the longest project easy and comfortable.

2. Add Extra Storage Space for Sheets & Trays

custom countertopsMost bakers know the frustration of trying to store cookie sheets and baking trays in a normal kitchen, which are usually designed around pots and pants. Adding some racks in a pull-out drawer will give you easy access to all of your pots and pans without digging around in cupboards.

3. Choose a Flat Custom Countertop

Baking is messy, and nothing is worse than trying to scrub flour, butter, and dough out from between the tiles. Quartz, granite, and other natural stones make the best baker’s countertops, giving you a smooth, durable surface that’s easy to clean.

4. Go for Open Shelving

While you’re baking, you might need to grab a mixing bowl or reach for a favorite ingredient when you’re already elbow-deep in flour. Open shelving not only breaks up the appearance of your cabinets, but it also makes your most important supplies easily accessible.


If you’re planning your baking paradise, Stone World at Red Bank in Monmouth County, NJ, offers custom countertops made to your exact specifications. Whether you’re looking for quartz, granite, marble, or soapstone, they’ll provide the perfect materials to make your vision a reality. Take a look at their beautiful materials online, and call (732) 383-5110 to speak to a staff member.

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