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5 Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer October 9, 2019

Mahwah, Bergen County
5 Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer, Mahwah, New Jersey

Whether you’ve worked out regularly for years or you’re new to the fitness scene, you may have seen people working with a personal trainer. Trainers can be especially helpful for beginners who are unsure of how to use certain equipment or structure their workouts. Even for people who exercise frequently, professional training has its perks. Discover some advantages of hiring a trainer below.

Why Hire a Personal Trainer

1. Learn Proper Form

Trainers have an in-depth knowledge of how to perform basic and compound movements in the gym. They’ll show you how to use equipment safely to minimize injury risk. Plus, they cater to athletes of all levels by suggesting modifications for more challenging exercises.

2. Discover the Most Effective Workouts

It’s frustrating to log hours at the gym each week and eat well without seeing results. Trainers help you maximize your time at the gym by recommending the workout plans that will help you see results quicker. If you’ve been working out for a while, they can also suggest workouts to help you break past plateaus.

3. Tailor Fitness to Your Goals

personal trainerEveryone’s fitness goals look different. An experienced marathoner might be seeking a strength and conditioning routine to help them avoid injuries during heavy training periods. A less experienced athlete might want to develop a foundation of endurance to work out for a full half-hour without breaks. Your trainer will cater the session to your unique needs to help you meet evolving goals.

4. Stay Accountable

Many individuals start their gym routine with passion and dedication, but ultimately drop off after a while. Hiring a trainer keeps you accountable because you’ll have an appointment scheduled in advance. While it’s always possible to miss a session when a legitimate concern arises, chances are that you’ll be more likely to show up when someone is there to cheer you on.

5. Beat Boredom

Practicing the same strength routine or using the same cardio equipment can get boring after a while, but it also leaves you at a standstill physically. Trainers encourage you to try new moves to keep you mentally engaged, but also to work new muscle groups and consistently challenge your body.



If you’re exploring personal trainers in the Northern Bergen County, NJ area, look no further than Jeff’s Quest Health Club. Located in Mahwah, this fitness center maintains a welcoming environment for individuals of all levels. Their dedicated and qualified trainers are committed to helping their clients meet their personal goals through effective routines that drive noticeable results. Explore the center’s full list of services online or call (201) 462-3030 to request a personal trainer.