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3 Tips for Vacation Packing September 4, 2019

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3 Tips for Vacation Packing, Brighton, New York

No matter if you’re planning on a two-week getaway or a short weekend trip, packing is a key part of making the most of your vacation. However, it’s all too easy to pack too little or too much. How do the experts do it? Follow these three simple rules, and you’ll enjoy your next trip just the way you intended.

3 Packing Tips That Make Vacation Easy

1. Make a List 

Never underestimate the power of a good list. It guarantees you won’t forget any important documents and toiletries. Making a list also allows you to plan out your outfits day by day and see where you can reuse certain articles of clothing. Making a list is a great way to make sure you have everything you wanted once you’re on vacation.

2. Roll Your Clothes

vacationExpert travelers agree: rolling your clothes is much more space-efficient than folding them. Not only can you fit so much more into the same bag, but it also prevents as your clothes getting as many wrinkles and creases when you unpack. Rolled-up clothes are also an effective way to protect fragile items in your bag. 

3. Pack Layers

One of the easiest parts of packing for a warm vacation is that summery clothes are inherently thinner and take up less space. However, even if you’re headed to cooler climes, thinner is better. Invest in thin, comfortable shirts and pants that you can layer over each other. This way, you can easily adjust as the climate changes. Camping gear stores and suppliers are excellent resources for shirts and leggings that are very thin but provide excellent insulation. 



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