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How Are Key Copies Made? September 5, 2019

Kenvil, Morris County
How Are Key Copies Made?, Kenvil, New Jersey

Have you ever wondered how a copy of a key is made? If you aren’t familiar with the process, it can be hard to imagine how a locksmith takes your key and creates an identical match that works only for one unique lock. Below you’ll learn more about the intricate process in which a key copy is made.

How Keys Are Copied

What Equipment Is Used

Key-cutting machines are used to create copies of keys. They’re automatic in many ways, but they almost always require an operator, such as a locksmith. They’re composed of a grip, which secures the key you’re copying, and a guide, which traces the original key. The two parallel vice grips are mounted on a sliding arm that presses against the machine’s body, which is done by a tension spring.

How It Works

locksmithThe operator, often a locksmith, will secure the key that is to be copied into the grip on the stationary side and the blank key into the grip that faces a rotating blade. The operator will then start the machine up, which causes a motorized arm to slide from left to right. While this occurs, the guide stays pressed against the original where it’s been cut, therefore creating a duplicate or copy. This motion causes the blank to be pressed into the spinning blade in the exact some points to create the duplicate key.

How Errors Happen

An operator can cause a key-cutting machine to fail if they do not properly align the key and the blank in the vice grip. This can cause an error because the cuts of the key will be placed incorrectly, preventing them from working in the intended lock. In this event, the process must be repeated to produce a successful copy.



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