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How Do Excavation Contractors Help With Your Project? August 15, 2019

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How Do Excavation Contractors Help With Your Project?, Ferguson, Kentucky

When it comes to construction work, adequately preparing the site is essential before building can get underway. This requirement makes excavation contractors a crucial part of any project. Despite what you might think, excavation work involves more than moving dirt around. Here is a closer look at the role excavation contractors play in the early phases of a construction project.

Land Clearing

excavation contractorsThe first task excavation contractors do is remove natural and artificial debris from the work site that would interfere with construction work. They remove trees and shrubs, large rocks, and the upper layer of topsoil. The contractor removes the soil to the required depth for the foundation of the new structure. Depending on the scope of the project, excavation work may require the removal of vast quantities of dirt to ensure proper depth for foundation and utility installations.

Site Stabilization

Excavation sites are also stabilized to ensure the lasting structural integrity of the construction project. After the removal of the soil and other debris, excavation contractors perform compaction tests on the soil to ensure stability. Additional sub-grade stabilization work is performed to ensure that the ground will not shift after construction begins. During this phase, the excavation team will levels the soil to the appropriate grade and shore up the excavated area to prevent erosion.

The excavation team doesn’t finish until after the foundation’s footers and stem wall are complete. At this point, they will backfill the soil to surround the new foundation, ensuring that everything is ready for the project to proceed.


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