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3 Tips for Socializing Your Dog August 27, 2019

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3 Tips for Socializing Your Dog, Columbus, Nebraska

Dogs love to run and play, but it’s not always easy for them to practice socializing. Meeting or spending time with unfamiliar dogs can give some animals anxiety, which is why you need to ease yours into social settings. There are several approaches to take, such as pet boarding, that can do wonders. Below are a few strategies to adopt. 

3 Ways to Socialize Dogs

1. Reward Interactions

If your dog has trouble interacting with new animals and strangers, make sure to reward them after a positive interaction. They need to associate socializing with a positive reward system. Give them several treats and shower them in love. They’ll gradually recognize other dogs and new faces with optimism, leading to better social interaction.

2. Introduce New Settings

pet-boarding-pet-care-specialistsSometimes it’s the environment that can make socializing difficult, so introduce your dog to different settings. If you have a puppy, start with all the rooms in your home. You can gradually move to walking around the block or visiting a neighbor, and then begin exploring further destinations like the dog park, a pet boarding facility, or a hiking trail. They’ll gain confidence as they become more familiar with the various sites, and they will find it easier to interact with other pets and people.

3. Consider Pet Boarding & Professional Services

You can expose your dog to other canines through pet boarding and training classes. There, they’ll be handled by pet care professionals who can provide expert training on social interaction. Being away from you may also help. Getting familiar with a pet boarding facility is also necessary if you plan on taking a vacation soon.


If you’re looking for pet boarding in the Columbus, NE, area, turn to Pet Care Specialists. They provide a welcoming environment at their veterinary hospital and have served the area for 22 years, offering comprehensive pet care and veterinary services. From general care to diagnostics and pet cremation, you can view a full list of their offerings on their website. Call (402) 564-3565 to schedule a wellness checkup.

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