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Dealing With Summer Door Issues August 19, 2019

Kenvil, Morris County
Dealing With Summer Door Issues, Kenvil, New Jersey

Changes in temperature can have a surprising effect on the efficiency and condition of your doors. When summertime heat takes hold, you may notice that your door locks aren’t behaving normally. Here’s what you should know about coping with these concerns.

Summertime Door Problems

Heat has a significant effect on doors. As temperatures rise, the door frame can swell just enough to put pressure on the door locks. This slight squeeze is just enough to cause the door to stick. The problem is most likely to affect deadbolt locks. As you turn the key, you might experience resistance because the door has expanded within its frame. Doors made of wood are also more prone to this. They can warp with repeated exposure to summertime thunderstorms, and high humidity levels can cause them to stick to the frames when you try to open them. Elevated temperatures can even cause the keys to distort slightly, which will make them ineffective when you try to unlock the door.

How to Resolve These Issues

door locksRecognizing the effects of heat on your door locks is the easiest way to be more proactive. The first step is to assess the door. If it’s old and made of wood, consider replacing it entirely. Some materials, like steel and fiberglass, withstand summer temperatures much more effectively than wood. Next, you can assess the humidity levels inside your house using a hygrometer, a small device that measures water vapor content. A high reading will explain why your door sticks during summer. In the event of a stubborn jammed lock, a locksmith may need to replace it.



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