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4 Tips To Clean Your Outdoor AC Unit August 20, 2019

Wisconsin Rapids, Wood
4 Tips To Clean Your Outdoor AC Unit, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

When you blast your air conditioner during summer, it’s hard to imagine life without it. It’s essential to make sure that all of its components are in running order so that you can relax inside on your plush couch. With summer comes yard work, and you should make sure your outdoor AC component stays clean. Take these easy cleaning steps to prevent HVAC maintenance.

How To Clean the Outdoor AC Unit

1. Disengage the Power

Never attempt to clean the outdoor section when the power is on. Although electric shock is not an enormous risk with the AC, you don’t want to deal with a machine that accidentally turns on while you’re working. Simply turn the switch in the box situated near the unit.

2. Vacuum the Unit

Given its position outside the home, the unit is likely to collect a significant amount of dirt and debris, including twigs, grass clippings, and leaves. Use a vacuum to clear away any such contaminants within two feet of the device on all sides.

Then focus your attention on the exterior fins, which can also collect dust over time; use a light hand, as these are very delicate components. Pollutants can prevent proper airflow and force the unit to work harder than necessary to cool the house, which may lead to frequent repairs and HVAC maintenance visits.

3. Adjust the Fins

HVAC maintenanceDon’t be alarmed about bent fins. You can adjust them gently. Use a fine-tooth comb, or use a butter knife to move them back into place. However, you should leave crushed sections for your HVAC maintenance provider to fix.

4. Hose It Down

Using a hose to water down the unit is the most effective way to loosen and remove any lingering debris, and it’s the most critical step. Build-up impacts the system’s efficiency and prevents hot air releasing outside.

Spray the exterior at an angle using a gentle spray, then aim the hose at the interior to eliminate any debris that remains on the fins. Always use low pressure on the fins to prevent them from bending.  


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