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How Summer Reading Tutors Can Build Confidence August 14, 2019

West Village, Manhattan
How Summer Reading Tutors Can Build Confidence, Manhattan, New York

Summer is the perfect time for kids to play and enjoy the outdoors, but without continuous practice, children can lose much of what they learned the year before. Reading tutors will help ensure your child stays on track before the new school year begins. Reading in Preschool, New York City’s premier private tutoring service, explains why building confidence in your child’s reading skills over the summer is key to academic success.

The Importance of Building Confidence in Reading

Why Is Summer Learning Essential?

The summer slide is a common trend where students experience a descent in academic skills between school years. If kids don’t practice their reading skills during their time off, their abilities can decline, leaving them unprepared to continue lessons when school starts in the fall. The solution to this serious academic issue is to make sure your child keeps learning throughout the summer. Summer reading programs offer engaging ways for kids to stay sharp without sacrificing play. When they return to school, they’ll have the necessary skills, motivation, and confidence to defeat the summer slide.

How Can Tutoring Build Confidence?

For most young children, reading tutorsgrades are the primary metric of success. Poor performance and academic struggles can take a significant toll on a student’s self-esteem. A lack of confidence in their skills can even hurt future performance, creating a continuous cycle. Thankfully, reading tutors can stop that cycle by building up your child’s confidence. Private tutoring offers one-on-one teaching with a customized lesson plan designed to address your child’s unique needs. Tutors test your child’s skills to pinpoint areas that need improvement, then use that information to focus on problem areas. They have the time to tailor instruction for each student so they can teach your child in a format they’ll understand. When kids can more easily comprehend the material and see where they improve, they become more self-confident readers. This leaves them better prepared for the beginning of the school year.

When Should My Child Receive Tutoring?

Keeping up with reading lessons is important, but your child should have a few days off to enjoy their summer. Reading in Preschool recommends booking two to three classes per week to equip your child with the skills they need for the next academic year. They still have plenty of time slots open this summer in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, as well as several during the week in the Hamptons. Once the school year begins, reading tutors will be available for Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens only.



Avoid the summer slide and give your child the confidence to thrive with private tutoring from Reading in Preschool in New York, NY. If your child is between 2 and a half to 7 years old, their reading tutors can enrich your child’s abilities with exciting, age-appropriate programs that teach them the joy of reading early on. They’re dedicated to building confident readers with a passion for learning. For more information about their programs and services, visit them online. Call (917) 723-1159 to discuss enrollment.

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