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5 Signs You Need New Gutters August 13, 2019

Lorain, Lorain
5 Signs You Need New Gutters, Lorain, Ohio

Gutters are critical to your home—as they direct water away from the structure, preventing leaks, flooding, and mold. While properly installed gutters can last 20 years, eventually all gutters need to be replaced. Along with regular gutter cleanings, check for these warning signs that it's time for a new gutter system. 

Know When to Replace Your Gutters

1. Sagging or Pulling Away From the House

Gutters should always be right up against your home. Sagging or pulling gutters means that water is pooling and weighing down the system. This could be caused by debris build-up or the wrong type of gutter for your home. This issue needs to be addressed quickly because as the gutters sag, they can pull farther away and eventually detach from your home. If this happens, it can cause water damage as well as damage to the exterior of the house.

2. Cracks or Holes in the Gutters

No matter how small the break, water leaking from your gutter can damage the surrounding fascia boards, shingles, and foundation. If the cracks are minor, you can use caulking or a bond agent to patch them as a temporary fix. While you may be able to seal a small crack or two on your own, you should contact a roofing contractor if there are multiple breaks or holes. 

3. Peeling Paint

Gutter paint is designed to last for years. Unless your gutters are very old, peeling paint is an early sign of rust. This means water is continuously present in your gutters, instead of being flushed out. This can be linked to debris, but it can also indicate that the interior is corroding and preventing the gutter from being completely emptied.

4. Pools of Water Around the House’s Foundation

Excess water or mildew around the foundation means your gutters are not directing water away from your house, putting you at risk for flooding or mold in your basement.

5. Water Damage Under Your Gutters

At least once a year on a sunny day, check underneath your gutters for watermarks. Any damage indicates that water is overflowing from your gutters, and can lead to the fascia board and roof damage. 


If your gutters need repair or replacement, trust Dan Williams Roofing in Lorain, OH. This family-owned firm is fully licensed, bonded, and insured to bring you a safe and high-quality service your home deserves. They will take the time to go through all your options, and choose the right materials for your project, so you’re delighted with the result. Request a quote online or call (440) 282-6006 to schedule an inspection.

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