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5 Reasons Your Kids Should Play Sports This Season From Siefert's Sports Center September 7, 2015

Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
5 Reasons Your Kids Should Play Sports This Season From Siefert's Sports Center, Cincinnati, Ohio

Siefert’s Sports Center is Cincinnati, OH’s one-stop-shop for sports equipment. Founded by Art Siefert, a professional baseball player himself, this sporting goods store stays fully-stocked with everything you need this season, from custom team uniforms and baseball caps to high school spirit wear. Whether you’re looking to gear up your child for the upcoming football season, or you just need custom shirts made for your company, come to your favorite neighborhood sports store, Siefert’s Sports Center, and see what they have to offer.


Should kids play sports? Regardless of whether your child is an all-star or beginner, Seifert's Sports Center has equipment for every game, from football and volleyball to basketball and track & field. If you still don't know whether you should sign-up your little ones or not, check out these well-known health benefits that children enjoy from playing sports, brought to you by Seifert's Sports Center:

  • Physical: Playing sports is a sure-fire way to ensure regular exercise and activity, leading to great physical fitness, inside and out!
  • Social: When kids work together as a team, they learn invaluable social skills that they’ll go on to use in their relationships at school, work and even between their friends.
  • Emotional: By participating in sports, children develop self-confidence, learn to accept criticism and discover how to set and achieve goals.
  • Academic: Contrary to popular stereotypes of the “jock,” recreational activities promote a healthy work/life balance, resulting in the desire to succeed in all pursuits.
  • Long-term: When a person plays sports at a young age, they develop skills and attitudes that carry over to their adult lives, promoting healthy habits and behaviors


Prepare your kids for all of the challenges and accomplishments that await them by signing them up for team sports this season. And if you need sporting goods in the Cincinnati area, contact Siefert's Sports Center by calling (513) 445-4057, or check them out online for more information.

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