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3 Foods Never to Pair With Wine August 27, 2019

Lakeville, Dakota
3 Foods Never to Pair With Wine, Lakeville, Minnesota

Many foods complement wine perfectly, like pizza, meat, and cheese. However, there are others that simply don’t pair well with white or red wine. Whether you’re hosting friends or just curious about how to make the most of your meal, here’s what you should avoid eating the next time you break out your favorite bottle.

Which Foods to Avoid With Wine

1. Blue Cheese

In general, cheese and wine get along remarkably well. The two are typical components of romantic picnics, and you’ll find them together on many restaurant menus. However, blue cheese is a more difficult candidate because it’s particularly strong. This is due to the presence of n-kets—compounds that contribute to its distinct aroma. If you do want to try a drink with this relatively harsh flavor, you’ll want to sip a sweet red wine for balance.

2. Sushi

Lakeville, MN red wineSushi is beloved, but only when it’s served with water or something that won’t contrast too dramatically with its flavor. Ingredients like raw fish and sesame are tricky to balance. A study found that the minimal iron content found in red wine was just enough to grip onto potent fish oils and create an unpleasant aftertaste in the diner’s mouth.

3. Asparagus

In general, sulfuric foods do not pair well with any type of wine. That’s because minimal amounts of sulfur are added to wine for stability. Asparagus in itself is a sulfuric food that also boasts an earthy, herbal undertone. The presence of sulfur is reminiscent of a “wine fault,” which occurs when the sulfuric flavor in wine doesn’t dissipate after the bottle is opened. The herbal notes, meanwhile, make it difficult to find a suitable matching wine.


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