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5 Best Window Options for a Sunroom September 16, 2019

Spring Valley, Rockland County
5 Best Window Options for a Sunroom, Spring Valley, New York

A sunroom is an excellent space to unwind and enjoy unobstructed views of your outdoor space. The key is to select custom windows that ensure optimal comfort year-round. There are several options available to homeowners, which can make the decision difficult. Here’s what you need to know before choosing new windows for your sunroom. 

A Guide to Window Options for Sunrooms 

1. Sliding Windows

If you have a limited amount of space and want to maximize its potential, go with sliding windows. The sashes move from side to side instead of pushing up or out, saving plenty of space in more compact rooms.

2. Double-Hung Windows

custom windowsThis is a classic option. The sashes move up and down for easy opening and closing. The beauty of this custom window style is that it’s fairly universal and fits well with almost any architectural scheme.

3. Fixed Windows

It’s common for homeowners to opt for custom windows that are fixed rather than movable. This is particularly appealing if you prefer all-glass walls, as in a solarium, or simply don’t want to open the windows at all and prefer to use your sunroom solely to enjoy the views.

4. Casement Windows

Operable by a manual crank, this option is another classic choice. If you plan to open the windows frequently to let in fresh air, this is a good option. As you turn the crank, the window swings outward. Consider the amount of available space outside of the sunroom if you plan to install this style. For example, if there is an outdoor AC unit near the windows, there may not be space for them to open. 

5. Awning Windows

You can open awning windows even if it’s raining outside. These are basically casement windows that open from the top. The hinge allows you to push the window forward, so the rain simply cascades onto the glass instead of into your house.


Are you thinking of building a sunroom or need a window replacement in your existing space? Visit Monsey Glass in Spring Valley, NY. The area’s leading source for high-quality custom windows and mirrors, the company takes pride in designing superior, lasting products that add elegance and functionality to your home. They service Rockland County, Northern Bergen County, Orange County, Westchester County, and New York City. Visit them online to learn more about their glass installation services, or call (845) 352-2200 to speak to a staff member. 

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