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3 Benefits to Enrolling Your Child in Preschool August 14, 2019

Gilbert, Maricopa
3 Benefits to Enrolling Your Child in Preschool, Gilbert, Arizona

Attending preschool is a rite of passage for many young children, marking the first time they spend a significant portion of the day away from their parents. Interacting with other adults and preschoolers will help your child gain a sense of independence and self-confidence, which can make the adjustment to kindergarten easier. Enrolling your child in a preschool program also comes with additional benefits, as outlined below.

3 Ways Preschool Aids Early Childhood Development

1. Improve Social Skills

During educational play, your child must share toys and participate in activities with fellow students. In doing so, they will learn how to work well with others, compromise, empathize, and solve problems. This aids their social and emotional growth. Children are also introduced to decision making in preschool, which improves their cognitive reasoning and prepares them to become independent thinkers.

2. Enhance Fine & Gross Motor Skills 

Gilbert-Arizona-preschoolIn preschool, children paint, use building blocks, play outside, and participate in other tactile activities. This type of play is designed to give finger, arm, and leg muscles a workout, improving fine and gross motor skills in the process. Your child will also improve their spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination. 

3. Improve Pre-Math & Literacy Skills

Playing counting games in preschool introduces children to basic arithmetic. Learning the alphabet and listening to stories read aloud also focuses on improving pre-literacy skills. This provides kids with a solid foundation to do well in kindergarten later.


If you are looking for a faith-based preschool in the Maricopa County area, contact the professionals at The Preschool at Discovery in Gilbert, AZ. Since 2014, the educators at this licensed, NAEYC-affiliated learning center have used child-directed, teacher-guided play to help students learn fundamental skills necessary for early childhood development. Biblical-based principles are incorporated into the curriculum to stress core values. To learn more about the Christian education opportunities for kids, call (480) 999-4245 or visit their website and Facebook page for more information.