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4 Pieces of Photo Equipment Every Studio Needs September 19, 2019

Crescent Springs, Covington
4 Pieces of Photo Equipment Every Studio Needs, Covington, Kentucky

If your dream is to start a photo business and make a living by taking pictures of models or family portraits, you’ll need a solid base of equipment to work with. While a camera is an obvious must-have, many other pieces of gear will make your job easier and your work look more professional. Below are four of the most vital photo equipment pieces for a studio.

Crucial Pieces of Photo Equipment for Indoor Studios

1. Light Meter

Photography is all about lighting, so ensure you can properly gauge the lighting levels in the studio. A high-quality light meter allows you to make precise adjustments to the flash and lights so you can compose and backlight the subject correctly.

photo equipment2. Reflectors & Stands

If you’re shooting a wide range of subjects, master the ability to alter the lighting to create the right mood. These portable reflectors of white or reflective material help you throw light to the right places, softening or intensifying it as needed. Unless you have a dedicated assistant, you’ll also need some stands to hold them in place.

3. Tripods

For crystal-clear images, shooting on a tripod is a major advantage. \] Holding the camera introduces too much movement, even from subtle actions like breathing. Invest in a durable, adjustable tripod so that you can take shots with a longer exposure and shoot indoors and out with no problem.

4. Shutter Release

To make your images even clearer, take photos without pressing the shutter button. Shutter releases either plug into your camera or connect wirelessly and allow you to take photos without making contact with the camera. Some also allow you to set timers or do extra-long exposures with bulb mode.


Up your studio game with photo equipment from K & R Photographics in Ft. Mitchell, KY. For nearly 45 years, they’ve helped amateur and professional photographers alike find the equipment they need throughout the Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky tri-state area. To browse their inventory of photo equipment for sale or rent, visit their website. Call (859) 341-6986 with any questions.

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