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A Guide to Window Treatment Layering August 16, 2019

A Guide to Window Treatment Layering, Kauai County, Hawaii

In addition to providing the final bit of style to your space, window treatments are functional: they help you control light levels and guard your privacy. Although many designers stick to only a single type, recent trends encourage homeowners to mix and match. Below are some tips for layering window treatments to create the ambiance you desire. 

3 Tips for Layering Window Treatments

1. Double Shades

Using two sets of shades provides versatile illumination control. For instance, if you pair a light-filtering shade with a more opaque version, you can choose how much natural light you want to admit. The semi-translucent light-filtering shade lets in some sun but blocks harsh glare, UV rays, and prying eyes. If you want to block out all sunlight or get ready for nighttime privacy, draw the opaque shades.

2. Drapes & Half-Shutters

Window treatments in Kalaheo, HIThis combination is similarly versatile. It lets you welcome the sunlight by drawing both the shutters and the drapes. For some privacy, you can close the shutter, which blocks the window's bottom half while letting in light above. To block the sun, close the drapes too.

3. Valance Over Shade

Shades provide privacy and light control but little decoration. Valances, on the other hand, provide decoration but no light control or privacy. Between them, they offer everything you might need. Choose complementary or contrasting colors. Often, shades come in only solid-color styles. You can add more visual interest by draping a floral or patterned valance in front of a monochrome shade.


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