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3 Easy Quilt Patterns for Beginners August 26, 2019

Onalaska, La Crosse County
3 Easy Quilt Patterns for Beginners, Onalaska, Wisconsin

Quilting is a rewarding hobby that you can enjoy regardless of age. As you gain skill and confidence, you’ll be able to complete intricate patterns of infinite variety. Starting out, choosing simple patterns is ideal. Easy patterns allow you to learn new cutting and stitching techniques, while making it possible to successfully finish quilts on your own.

Patterns for a Beginning Quilter

1. Brick

Brick quilts stagger rectangular- or square-shaped pieces in an easy-to-put-together pattern. Cut fabrics into blocks, and then sew the pieces together in rows. There’s no need to line up seams, which makes brick quilts a snap for beginners to assemble.

2. Hunter’s Star

quiltsThe hunter’s star pattern looks complex, but it really isn’t that difficult to master. Each quilt block of four patchwork sections gets rotated before being stitched together. They are made with simple half-square triangles that even a beginner can tackle. Switch between a lighter and a darker fabric for a dramatic contrast.

3. Chevron

Chevrons, or V-shaped patterns, enable beginning quilters to practice lining up seams. Quilters use strips that are three inches wide by the width of the fabric from each of several prints. Strips, laid in pairs to make a square with two different patterns, are are then stitched together at different angles to make a chevron pattern.


No matter your skill level, you can find the supplies you need for your latest pattern at Olive Juice Quilts in Onalaska, WI. This quilt shop carries a full range of supplies, from sewing machines to cotton fabrics. Their quilting classes are available for people of every ability, whether you want to sharpen your technique, learn how to use a machine, or master advanced embroidery. We also service sewing machines and have customers not only in Onalaska, but in La Crosse, and surrounding areas.  Learn more about the products they sell on their website, visit their store to shop, or call (608) 782-3257 to register for a class or speak with a member of their knowledgeable staff.

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