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4 Tips for Hanging Artwork August 13, 2019

Downtown Seattle, Seattle
4 Tips for Hanging Artwork, Seattle, Washington

Decorating your home with beautiful art is among the many ways to make the space uniquely yours. If you recently commissioned custom picture framing services and are trying to decide where to hang everything, review these tips before moving ahead with your project. They will help ensure you do not end up with misplaced holes in your walls but, rather, have an end result you love.

How to Successfully Hang Artwork & Photos

1. Use the Right Hardware

Make certain you have the correct hardware for your art. This includes nails, mounting brackets, and anything else applicable to each piece’s weight and size. Talk to the experts at your custom picture framing shop if you have an unusually large or otherwise cumbersome piece you are not sure how to hang without damaging the art or your wall. In addition to selling quality hardware, these experts can easily help you determine what’s right for your collection.custom picture framing

2. Match, Don’t Clash

Avoid hanging pieces together that clash, such as landscape photography with religious or portrait art. This applies not only to the art itself, but to the pieces’ frames. If one piece features beautiful wooden custom picture framing and another piece has a sleek, modern metallic frame, do not hang them on the same wall.

3. Remember the Eye Level Rule

Hang art at about eye level so you can easily enjoy it. If your ceiling is exceptionally low or you are exceptionally tall, hang pieces about 57 inches above the floor and about eight inches from any furniture. The eye level rule holds fast unless you are creating an art gallery on a wall and will, therefore, fill the entire space with pictures of varying sizes.

4. Do a Test Run

To make sure everything will look the way you want it to, consider cutting out pieces of paper equal to the size of the framed photos or artwork and then taping them to the walls where you intend them to go. This will allow you to figure out spacing and to take a step back and see if you like the bigger picture.


The custom picture framing team at Seattle Custom Framing in Washington is here to make displaying art, photos, memorabilia, and other items easy and fun. Frame specialist and owner Molly Boone-Jones has over 20 years of industry experience and offers framing and matting services in addition to hardware sales. Call (206) 838-7908 today with questions or learn more about her offerings online. Get additional pro tips on Facebook.

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