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The Do's & Don'ts of Residential Roof Upkeep August 30, 2019

Franklin County,
The Do's & Don'ts of Residential Roof Upkeep, ,

Roof problems compromise home safety and comfort, which is why regular maintenance is an essential part of property upkeep. You can bring any issues to the attention of a roofing contractor as soon as they arise, eliminating the need for extensive repairs or complete replacement. To keep the membrane in reliable shape, below are maintenance tasks to perform and common errors to avoid.


Inspect from the ground periodically.

Walking on the roof is dangerous. Luckily, you will get a decent idea of the condition of the roof by performing an inspection from the ground. Look around the house perimeter for dark granules. If you find them, the substance could be deteriorating asphalt shingles.

Clean gutters.

Gutters are your roof’s roofing contractordrainage system. When the channels are clogged, there’s no way to direct rain runoff away from the property. Moisture will collect on the roof, decaying shingles and seeping down to the substrate. To prevent this, remember to have a professional routinely clean the fixtures.


Let branches hang over the house. 

You should cut overgrown limbs back, so they don’t hang over the house. Otherwise, high-speed winds from seasonal storms or the weight of heavy snowfall could cause the limbs to snap and crash onto the roof. Squirrels and other pests also use the overgrown branches to gain access to the roof. The critters can chew through the shingles, leaving holes behind.

Forget about insulation. 

Inadequate attic insulation contributes to heat transfer and air loss that leads to high energy bills. Over time, the material can deteriorate, rendering its ability to help regulate temperatures. From the attic, look for areas where insulation is visible. If it looks corroded, wet, compressed, or moldy, call a roofing contractor for help.


Whether you need roof repair or replacement, the technicians at Roofmasters in Galena, OH, are available to help. With over 35 years of experience, the roofing contractors are equipped to provide practical solutions to any problem. To schedule roof installation or repair in Delaware County, call (614) 404-6272. Visit the roofing contractors online to see what other issues they solve and connect on Facebook to leave a review of their work. 

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