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FAQ About Metal Roofing August 27, 2019

Clarksville, Howard
FAQ About Metal Roofing, Clarksville, Maryland

Metal roofing is a durable, aesthetic, and low-maintenance roofing option for homeowners. If you are planning a re-roofing project or a new install, find out if metal roofing is right for your home—check these commonly asked questions and answers.

Common Questions About Metal Roofing

Will a metal roof last longer than other materials?

In general, metal roofing lasts 30 to 50 years or longer, and many companies offer extended 30-50 year warranties. Metal roofs outlast asphalt and wood by decades. You seldom need to replace it, it will not decompose, is mold resistant, and maintenance only requires routine cleaning of debris and occasional repainting.

Is it noisier than other roofing materials?

Rain and hail are not noticeably metal roofingnoisier on a metal roof. If you have attic insulation, it will absorb most weather-related sounds for any roof. Metal has the benefit of being more resistant to hail and severe rain than wood or asphalt shingles.

Can I re-roof with metal if my current roof is a different material?

Yes. Metal is the perfect roof upgrade, and in many cases, you can install it over current roofing because it is lightweight. It is an excellent choice for any home because of its weight, durability, and versatility. Many metal roofing supplies are made of recycled steel and are completely recyclable at the end of their lifespan.

Can I walk on my metal roof?

According to manufacturer recommendations, you can. However, it is unlikely that the need to walk on the roof will arise. A yearly inspection by a roofing contractor should be sufficient to clear away accumulated plant debris and check for damage.

What about fire, wind, and earthquakes?

Metal roofs are structurally more sound when withstanding internal fire, and they aren’t flammable. As for wind, most metal roofing is rated up to 120 or 140mph. The metal is fastened to the roof deck rather than applied with adhesive. Metal doesn’t break or crack in high winds. The light, flexible strength of metal roof panels are a reliable choice for earthquake regions as they are less likely to collapse.

Will it interfere with my cell reception?

A metal roof should not impact an area with reliable cell service. If you have very weak or spotty service, the roof will make a difference. A booster or coverage amplifier will mitigate this effect.


Metal roofing is the smart choice for upgrades or new roof installs. Marshall's Contracting, based in Fulton, MD, and serving Howard, Anne Arundel, and Montgomery Counties, offers complete contracting services, including roof installation and repair, gutters, windows, doors, skylights, and water and storm damage repairs. Additionally, they have been family-owned and operated for over 30 years. Call (410) 406-7667 for an estimate or visit them online for a full list of services.

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