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How to Make Your Brakes Last August 26, 2019

North Madison, Lake
How to Make Your Brakes Last, North Madison, Ohio

For both functional and safety purposes, brakes are vital, but no set of brakes, regardless of their design or cost, last forever. It’s possible, however, to extend the life of your brakes and avoid early brake repair by adopting these three habits. 

3 Ways to Extend the Life Span of Your Brakes

1. Slow Down & Avoid High-Speed Stopping

Brakes, like other machine components, break down as a result of friction. When you drive fast and press hard on your brakes to come to a quick stop, you’re exposing your brakes to unnecessary friction. When you step on the brake pedal and the connector lever engages the master cylinder, kinetic energy turns to heat and generates friction. If you’re braking at high speeds too often, you’ll be scheduling brake repair sooner than you otherwise would.

2. Don’t Ignore Premature Warning Signs

brake repairYour brakes, when they make a screeching noise, are letting you know they need attention. It’s also concerning if your car shudders when you brake. Don’t ignore these signs. You need a brake tuneup. Your brake pads may be wearing down, or your rotors may need to be replaced. In either case, if you get your brakes attended to sooner than later, you could avoid extensive brake repair costs.

3. Choose Quality Brakes Over Knockoffs 

Keep your car out of the auto repair shop by investing in quality parts. Don’t be content with knockoffs or off-brands, which typically don’t last. High-end brakes from well-known manufactures recommended by your mechanic may cost a bit more, but their longevity offsets their higher price.


When you need brake repair, choose Madison Muffler and Auto Inc. in Madison, OH. This locally owned and operated business has been providing reliable service to automobile owners for 50 years. Their technicians stay up to date with all the latest innovations and manufacturers’ recommendations with monthly classes. For all your servicing and repair needs, call (440) 428-2677 to schedule an appointment, or text (440) 399-7577​ to learn about specials​​​. You can also browse their service offerings by visiting them online​​​.

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