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4 Tips for Moving Within New York City August 27, 2019

East Village, Manhattan
4 Tips for Moving Within New York City , Manhattan, New York

Moving from any location can be extremely stressful, but it can be especially tricky when you move within a major city like New York. Getting from one part of this metropolis to another does not have to be an anxiety-inducing project so long as you prepare and use a moving company. Get some tips here to ensure your New York City move goes off without a hitch.

4 Tips For Moving In New York City

1. Research Upcoming Major Events

Find out what major events are coming to New York City around the time you plan to move. Will there be parades? Any festivals or similar special events? What about movie productions that can shut down entire blocks? Learn exactly what is happening and when so you don’t spend your scheduled moving day behind a wall of traffic or waiting for construction to wrap up for the day.

2. Condense Your Belongings

moving company New York City, NYMake a master contents list after going through your belongings and document what you use and wear regularly. As a general rule, if you haven’t used something for more than a year and it would benefit someone else more, get rid of it. Sell what you can on auction sites and give everything else that isn’t trash or recycling away to family and friends. You don’t want to waste space in your moving truck to transport things you are going to get rid of.

3. Work With A Quality Moving Company

Find a moving company with experience organizing city moves to streamline the big day. This allows you to focus on clearing out your old place and organizing your new one instead of spending hours hauling boxes from one building to another. The best urban moving companies feature movers who know all the back routes and ways to navigate severe traffic without getting frustrated or damaging your items. They will also identify best practices for moving out of large and small apartment complexes and how to properly load the truck or van.

4. Pick The Perfect Date

Learn of any moving restrictions your new building includes, if applicable. Residential buildings with elevators typically ask new tenants to move during the week when most residents are not home to prevent tie-ups and long wait lines. Even if the building does not have an elevator, there may be limitations regarding holidays or the number of tenants who can move in on one day. You don’t want to incur a fee for something that could be avoidable.

Work with the friendly, experienced movers at Piece of Cake Moving & Storage to enjoy a stress-free NYC move. The Manhattan-based moving company has a team who knows the local area well, so you don’t have to worry about sitting in traffic for hours. They will ensure that the move is quick, efficient, and seamless for everyone involved. Call (212) 651-7273 today for a free quote or learn more about the moving company online. Get additional moving tips on Facebook.

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