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3 Ways to Ease Anxiety When Seeing a Doctor August 12, 2019

West Farms, Bronx
3 Ways to Ease Anxiety When Seeing a Doctor, Bronx, New York

Visiting a family doctor is an important task that helps keep your health in check. However, many people avoid scheduling an appointment with a physician because they are nervous, whether it’s about what the doctor is going to tell them or being judged for not living a healthy lifestyle. If you’ve experienced anxiety over seeing the physician, consider these tips for overcoming it. 

How to Ease Your Stress When Visiting a Family Doctor

1. Bring a Friend or Family Member Along

Whether you’re going for a regular checkup or need to see a specialized physician about worrisome symptoms you’ve been having, take a family member or close friend with you to the appointment. They’ll help ease your anxiety, and you’ll have someone to talk to if you’re uncomfortable with tasks like getting your blood pressure checked. They’ll also be an extra set of ears that can listen to any details you may miss.

2. Divert Your Mind

family doctorIf you get nervous during the long wait at the doctor’s office, arrive with a few tasks you enjoy to stay distracted. A good book or magazine can keep you absorbed for a long period of time. Further, bring headphones and listen to some calming music to lessen the stress. If you’re worried about missing time at work, bring a laptop along. This will help you get work done during this time, lowering your anxiety levels.

3. Learn Techniques for Stress

If you get into a panic soon after you start feeling anxious, learn a few stress management techniques. When you begin feeling nervous at the family doctor, take slow, deep breaths that you can feel throughout the entire body. Concentrating on your breathing will lessen your worries and keep the mind focused on something else besides the anxiety. Another option is visualizing a location, such as a beach or a family cabin in the woods, that sparks relaxing and peaceful feelings. When you’re sitting at the physician’s office, close your eyes and think about that place to distract yourself.


For a relaxing experience at a medical office, visit HDR Healthcare Network in the Bronx, NY. They provide a peaceful, calming atmosphere for those who get nervous about going to a family doctor. Whether you need urgent care or your child requires an annual physical before the school year, their physicians will ensure you get the care you need without any of the stress. To schedule an appointment or learn more about their offerings, call (718) 617-2500.

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