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3 Window Options for Sunrooms September 3, 2019

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3 Window Options for Sunrooms, Orchard Park, New York

A radiant sunroom with new windows will bring natural elements into your home. The glass plays a central role in doing this, and you’ll have a variety window option to explore in the planning process. Each has aesthetic and functional advantages. Before beginning your project, take a look at the below options for your sunroom. 

Popular Window Choices for Sunrooms

1. Bay Windows

If views are your primary goal, bay windows are ideal for your sunroom. They bump out from the home exterior and feature large panes that capture views and let ample sunlight in. Bay windows are also ideal for adding space; if you want a reading nook or floor shelving, you can have benches built in. These areas are also perfect if you add a large collection of plants that require direct sunlight throughout the day.

2. Hinged Windows

new windowsHinged windows are perfect if you want to let a cool breeze flow into your home on a hot summer day. These small additions can be installed above or alongside primary windows and won’t intrude on the views. When you want cool air in or hot air to escape, simply draw them open on the hinge. They lower energy bills in summer and winter and will gradually pay for themselves through savings.

3. Fixed Windows

If your goal is to create an indoor space that feels like an outdoor one, fixed windows are ideal. Since they don’t require moving parts and hardware to open and close them, the framing will take up minimal space. They can be added to ceilings, too. Add UV filters to your new windows to prevent too much heat from passing, or install automated blinds that can adjust throughout the day.


Whether you’re building a new home or want an upgrade, Modern Windows of New York offers a wide selection of custom-fit, new windows to choose from. This family-owned business has served Buffalo, NY, for over 20 years and proudly maintains an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau®. As an Energy Star® partner, they offer energy-efficient windows. Visit their website to explore their products, and call (716) 873-8800 to speak to a team member about installing new windows. 

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